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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Way to share goodness

idea about goodness
- First of all, goodness is the best investment in our life because it will come back to you or your family or the whole society.
- I saw this idea in a movie and it was fantastic so i decided to write it and to explain it. The idea is ( you give help to someone who need and in exchange of his thankful words you asked him to help 10 people who need and also ask them to help 10 people ). Do you imagine that one good thing may make all people help each others ? and they help each others just because someone helped them when they needed. This looks like an investment that you will always win in it, you just help someone that you can  help and after short time you and your family will receive help when you need. This will not only share goodness but also will share love and cooperation between people. Start with yourself and share goodness.

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